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In the post "The Business Opportunity you are Betting on...", I emphasized that the business opportunity that you’re betting on is for you to create. I have gotten some responses from entrepreneurs saying that they agree, in theory, but that in their everyday work it doesn't feel like it.


I am adamant in my view of the two statements I made in that post, firstly that the future is not happening in a parallel universe, and secondly that you, as the entrepreneur, co-create the future and thereby is in charge of making “it” happen. In this post, I would like to add to what I wrote and, again, quite adamantly push that you have to understand, take the responsibility, and appreciate the advantage of being in the driver's seat (for your company).


No one will ever know your company as well as you do; you were there long before its first social media post. No one has tossed and turned at night as much as you over decisions in the past and no one will over decisions to come. No one in your business has as much at stake as you do: salaries for employees, taxes for the government, the right solution for customers, fair compensation for partners, not be ill-willed to competitors, etc.


It is easier said than done! What a cliché, but truth to be told; it is! In my wonderful work with entrepreneurs all around the world, I am given plenty of opportunities to share my knowledge and experience. It is a job that I greatly appreciate. I feel honored that entrepreneurs take off their 1440 minutes to spend it with me. However, I don't do. I only suggest, advise, and comment based on information given to me. It is up to the entrepreneur to make the decision and take action. I get worried sometimes when entrepreneurs tell me that they have talked to someone that is “an expert” or that someone has told them what to do. I am sure that in most cases the advice is right, smart, given with all the best of intentions.


However, for every advice and every suggestion, you need to ask yourself these three questions: Does it make sense overall? Does it contribute to the future that I am envisioning for my business? Do I have the time and the resources to take action in-line with it? If the answers are yes to all of them; do it! If not; don’t do it but keep on looking for clues that might make you change your decision at a later stage.


And one more thing, when someone is serious about supporting; take a few minutes and let them know that you thought about it and why you decided to take action or not on what they suggested. Quite a few things will happen when you do: you get an additional opportunity to think through the advice given, that might lead you to re-considering or strengthening the decision made. Anyone who has given the advice will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will keep thinking about what you shared so they can give you better advice in the future, and lastly, you will help them give better advice to others (pay it forward!)


You are the best! Don't ever try to diminish your contributions; in your business, you are overall the smartest in the room because you are the one that can piece it all together. Your passion, your incredible insight and determination will make us all bleak in comparison, but with this comes the responsibility of making decisions, taking action, asking for forgiveness but not permission, and to show grace under fire when necessary.


In conclusion; you are in the driver's seat, if you don’t feel like it, you need to take that seat now. The rest of us are happy to be next to you, contributing to your journey in whatever way we can. But bear in mind that no one else will ever come close to knowing what you know about your business. When push comes to shove, it is your responsibility to say yes or no. And that can only be done by you confidently placed in the driver’s seat.


Enjoy your ride!

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