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A Bag of Numbers

We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe and realize that many fear working with numbers, often avoiding them altogether. Are you one of them? If so, our 'A Bag of Numbers' program is designed to transform your fear into strength and to start viewing your business through the language of numbers. We'll guide you into a world where numbers become your most trusted allies in decision-making, strategy, and driving business growth. Everything you need to know about numbers is simplified in this 5-week program, where you will practice, scribble, and erase numbers as much as you need until you get it right, and eventually start writing your numbers with a pen! We promise you that numbers will eventually become your superpower.


The Curriculum 

The “A bag of Numbers” program covers five different topics:

  1. Numbers in developing and positioning, including e.g., customer journey with buying and using cycles, aspirations with your brand).

  2. Customer Acquisition, a.k.a. Sales, including e.g., Conversion, Cost of Acquisition, Cost of Retention.

  3. Business Model, including e.g., Price-Tag, Revenue, Cost of Goods/Services Sold, OH-Cost, and Profit Margins.

  4. Cash Flow including e.g., projections, budget, Cash Flow Negative & Positive, Break-Even.

  5. Execution using Numbers, including, e.g., Plan of Action, Plan of Growth Key Performance Indicators, in Negotiations, defining Strategy.

The Outcome

A successful outcome is that you are empowered by the fact that you, first of all, do understand the numbers you need to collect and crunch in order to build an impactful and resilient business. Second, you have learned how numbers (and crunching of those) always should go hand-in-hand with the decisions and actions you are taking. Third, you have understood how you can use numbers in further building a strategy for your company.

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