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Keep delighting your customers!

As you probably know by now, I spend a lot of time reading, books, newspapers, essays, etc. There are so many wise people out there, writing amazing articles and texts, some of which I indeed think are worth sharing. This is the reason we are now introducing a "sharing" feature here on Lena in the Trenches. The articles I share will be categorized so that they are easily found later on, but also for you to immediately recognize in the blog.

I will also give my own very brief reflection on the article, summarized in a couple of take-aways that I would love to have your thoughts on. Do you agree or do you want to challenge me? Please use the comment section below, and don't be shy! There aren't any rights or wrongs here.

Also, if you find an article that you think is particularly interesting, do not hesitate to send it to me, and please add your own take-aways. We will look at it and see how it fits in our blog flow.


First article out, published in New York Times, March 7, 2021:

When You’re a Small Business, E-Commerce Is Tougher Than It Looks


I got goose-bumps when I read the first two paragraphs in this article! What is shared in those short paragraphs is what resilient and impactful entrepreneurs do - and obviously never stop doing. Don't stop after those two paragraphs though, the rest is a healthy reminder for all of us!

The below are my top take-aways from the article. Think about these when you read it and challenge me on yours!



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Shut up and listen


Get to the core of your customers' pain

I also reached out to amazing Rola Fayyad, founder of ViaVii in Amman, Jordan, and asked her "How do you stay connected to your customers during Covid?" Here's what she said.

"Being in travel in the midst of a pandemic gave me the opportunity to not only know my customers, but also my vendors (hosts.)

Any host who would sign up, or customer purchases an experience, I would personally thank them, and follow-up after they completed the service, to understand how it could be better.

Free advice, is always the best way to fix and enhance to the better."


ViaVii provides travelers, wherever they may be, with a user-friendly online platform, that designs a tailored personalised travel experience based on budget and interest, while connecting them with delightful and talented people from around the world.

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