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Brand by Design

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 The “Brand by Design” program is developed in collaboration with Binomial Consulting, Singapore. a 5-week virtual program for entrepreneurs who have already started to interact with their customers and generate money. In the program, the participants will understand the impact that a powerful brand can have on reaching more potential customers and turning existing customers into loyal customers and maybe "die-hard fans". We utilize the relationship the entrepreneurs already have with customers to get feedback and further the entrepreneur's understanding of the impression that customers have of the company already. We use that as a base to discuss how they can design a more powerful and strategic brand and how that can be both voiced (keywords, tagline, slogan) and visualized (logo, colors, font, visualization with photos, etc.) to customers and also employees, partners, and other relevant stakeholders. Each participant is given a workbook at the beginning of the program that at the end of the program will be their own "branding book".

The Curriculum 

The 5-week program covers five different topics:

  1. Strategically position your brand, including e.g., customer journey with buying and using cycles, and aspirations for your brand.

  2. Engaging customers to validate your brand, including validating their jobs to be done, buying & using cycles, and initial brand concepts.

  3. Brand proposition for your brand, including e.g., key attributes and brand personality.

  4. The voice of your brand, including e.g., your brand wiki, key messages, and taglines.

  5. Next steps to activate your branding, including e.g., Plan of Action, Key Performance Indicators, Budget, using your brand book to refresh your visuals (logo, colors, etc.)

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The Outcome

You will end the program with a deep understanding of how your brand can further grow your business, an overview of your brand that has been validated by your customers, and your own brand book containing what you need to further develop your brand and communicate with brand/design agencies to get help.

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The Layout

In this program, we will provide you with a set of tools that will last with you forever and be your right hand when it comes to branding your own business! These tools will give you a comprehensive framework that covers all aspects of your brand. Over 5 weeks, you will get access to one recorded session every week and one mentor live session, where we will make sure that you can implement the new tools in your own business and follow up with you step by step. Do you think that's all? Of course not! After the program, we will offer you three 45-minute free Zoom meetings with our expert team, which you can use within 6 months. This is because we want to ensure that you have the strongest brand ever!

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