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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Jordan

Finally, finally, finally! Lift-off for Jordan. So grateful for the encouragement from The Swedish Embassy in Jordan and a generous grant from the Swedish Institute.


For a month now, I will have the pleasure of working with female entrepreneurs in Jordan; in a longer program, in a workshop, in specially designed activities for entrepreneurs associated with my local partners. Applause for female led Amam Ventures, Business and Professional Women – Amman (BPWA), Injaz, ViaVii, and Women in Business Arabia (WIBA).


We had 75 full and high-quality applications at the deadline! I read, re-read, compared, and contrasted – so many of them fulfilled the criteria for making it to the second round of deciding. What a pleasant challenge to have! Fast forward, I decided to turn this amazing response from female entrepreneurs into an opportunity to put in motion two programs. One 4-week program where I have invited 32 entrepreneurs to participate, and a weekend workshop for 25 participants.


So why is it a pleasant challenge, and what is my end goal with going to Jordan? Empowerment! Empowerment of as many female entrepreneurs in Jordan as I can possibly reach. This empowerment will come in three different ways:


1. In growing their businesses I will do that by introducing a newly designed framework called “Gearing Up Next Gen” based on my many years of working with entrepreneurs around the world. This empowerment doesn’t happen by presenting theoretical concepts, tools, and techniques linked to the framework. Instead, it evolves when – and this is where we will spend most time – the entrepreneurs work with incorporating valid points from the framework into their own business. My aim is that the participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to grow their company, combined with a clear Plan of Action of what to do next.


2. In their challenges of being great and inspiring leaders And at the same time being, maybe, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a good friend. Being a female entrepreneur has its own set of challenges. I have been in enough programs for female entrepreneurs to attest to that. This type of empowerment often comes from creating a trustful and sharing environment among the women, set aside time for having (sometimes difficult) conversations and showing that the challenges are much the same among them and that there are ways to deal with them. My aim is that the participants leave with an increased confidence on how these roles can be managed and balanced.


3. In the initiation and growth of communities of women Members of these kind of communities can continually support each other and be the voice of female entrepreneurs. There is such a strength whenever women support each other. This is also valid among female entrepreneurs, without a doubt. And what is interesting is that this support many times will lead to faster and smarter growth for the businesses through e.g. formation of partnerships, the sharing of resources, support with introductions, etc. Female entrepreneurs are for sure one of the pillars in every entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world. Therefore, one successful outcome of the program and the workshop would be that more of the participants join organizations such as BPWA and WIBA and that they keep supporting each other in more informal ways, by sharing everyday ups and downs of their businesses, over a cup of coffee, or at the playground with kids in tow. Another one is that I find a way for the participants as a community – not sure yet how, where, and when – to voice their challenges to those in Jordan who are in the core of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


I am thrilled that I have been given an opportunity to spend so much time with female entrepreneurs in Jordan, I am honored that so many of them will take of their busy time – because I know that time is their biggest constraint.


I will share successes, failures, and challenges with anyone here in the blog but also (shorter, sweeter, and more frequently) on Instagram @gearingupnextgen. As always, I would love to hear from you! Please don’t be shy, ask questions or comment and I will get back to you.


It is going to be amazing! Female entrepreneurs, empower, and a full month! All happening to me, in Jordan right now.


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