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Here is a not that unusual conversations I have with entrepreneurs where I have taken on the role of being kind of pushy about their future.

The conversation has been something like they are telling me: “I am developing/designing/launching this product, service, solution, and then I hope the market will do X, or Y, or Z.”

My answer has been the same to all of them, sometimes probably communicated a little bit (too) loudly: “You go into the market space with self-confidence, an attitude, and a message that X, Y, or Z will happen!”.


What? Yes – and this is for all of you great entrepreneurs out there that are currently taking the time to read this post: the market opportunity you are betting on is for you to create. The opportunity doesn't already exist in some parallel reality called the future! You, I, your customers, end-users, influencers, etc. co-create the future and your mission is to make sure that your business opportunity is part of that future.

Your self-confidence and the attitude towards your market opportunity should be solid if you have done a thorough job understanding the pillars of your business opportunity, i .e., the pain, the painkiller, and the customers (including all other stakeholders) and the alignment of them. Then, your job is to create a message that tells the stakeholders –customers and end-users! - that finally, here it is; the ultimate solution to their pain.

So, stop blaming or hoping for the “ifs”! You are in charge of your own business opportunity, you decide if, when, and how you will launch it. If you feel uncertain about the future it might very well be that it is because you haven't really spent enough time and energy to align the pillars. First comes pain, painkiller with delight, and customers – second comes execution. Without the first, you cant do the second. Easier said than done for sure! Please challenge me on why I am wrong!

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