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The curriculum is built on a globally tested model named “Gearing Up – Next-Gen” with 3 pillars:

  1. Entrepreneurs should “do”, not listen. The program, therefore, has an emphasis on the participants being given a framework facilitating their understanding of core concepts for developing their businesses, be given tools they can use, and examples that resonate with their market space, their development stage, and the circumstances of relevance to their further development.

  2. The importance of “internalizing” content is fundamental, i.e., the participants in the program should be able to turn knowledge gain into useful and “action-oriented” content supporting understanding and further growth of their companies.

  3. The participants are experts in their market space and are fully responsible for the growth of their companies. The framework of Gear Up Next Gen consists of concepts, tools, exercises, that have been proven to support entrepreneurs all over the world. The framework is constantly developed and customized based on the participants' needs.

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