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The Program

The 4-week program is divided into four different sections based on the following 4 questions. For a detailed schedule, click here. Please note that the schedule is tentative and that events will be added as time goes.


  1. “Is there a gap in the market for your business?”
    The purpose of this question is to focus on if there is a need in the market for what the entrepreneur is suggesting and is there someone willing to pay for “closing” that gap.
    Key concepts: market space, pain, customers, end-users, and other stakeholders.


  2. “Do you have a business potential?”
    Here the work focuses on what the entrepreneur will offer to the customers, end-users, and other stakeholders, challenging the entrepreneur can do differently to create something unique for the tourists.
    Key concepts: Solution, Experiences, Delight.


  3. “Can you execute on it?”
    It is one thing to conclude that an entrepreneur has business potential, but it is a different set of challenges connected to its execution.
    Key concepts: Customer Acquisition, Business Model, Partners, Worthy Rivals, Team.


  4. “Do you know the next steps?”
    Last but not at all least, the entrepreneurs will work on planning and implementing what comes next.
    Key concepts: Plan of Action, Projections, Cash Flow.


Every week there will be 2-3 sessions, each session including getting to know concepts, tools, and applying them to the participants' companies. Each session will last for 2-3 hours, additional work will be expected from the participants during the 4-week program. All the work will be accompanied by a workbook, a team of mentors, and the program will be led by Lena Ramfelt. During the 4-weeks there will also be opportunities for individual consultations with other mentors.

The outcome

A program is all good, but the most important thing is what the participants take home with them and how they can implement new insights and tools to improve their business.

Therefore, to be very concrete, this is what we are promising you:

After the four weeks, you will have improved your potential to grow your business through the answers to the above four questions.

You will also have gained a thorough understanding of how to integrate your business idea with numbers and impact. During the course of the program, 8 crucial numbers will be chiseled out for your business.

Lastly, you will meet a lot of new people during the course of these weeks, you will gain access to networks and also potentially create your own network of like-minded people that you can use as a sounding board, moving forward.

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